Woman reading book in hammockLast week I wrote about ways to manage anxiety.  Most of the methods included the need to relax in some way. The article I wrote about didn’t, however, specify just how helpful relaxation all by itself can be in reducing and managing day to day stress.  I decided to post the attached article which talks about the need we all have for self-care and relaxation, but then goes a little further to tell you how you might actually find the time you need to relax.

As I started reading through the article my first thought was that it would just say the same old stuff about exercising and making sure you get plenty of rest.  Then I saw the statement in paragraph 4, “the most common excuse for not relaxing is “I don’t have the time””. How true that is for so many people! Even those who find the time to run to the gym and work out often find that jamming workout time into the day is, in itself, extremely stressful. Exercise may be relaxing for some, but for many who are juggling ways to fit it into their lives it is anything but relaxing.

I love this article because it gives you ideas on how to relax that almost anyone can find time for.  Though I realize not everyone can tolerate getting up earlier in the morning, I love it! I make sure to get up at least 15 minutes before everyone in my house so I can start the day slowly and quietly.  If getting up early is not for you, most people can find 5 minutes of quiet time, even if it’s driving to work with the radio and phone turned off.

Take a look at the article and see what works for you. Then make sure to find a few minutes every day to implement some of these tools. If you’re chronically stressed and/or running around all the time I think you’ll find it’ll make everything else start to feel a little easier to manage.

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