Therapist Network

What’s special about the Compatible Counseling Solutions Referral Network?

Compatible Counseling Solutions provides personalized services to clients that help them find the right counselor or therapist to meet their needs. We provide a comprehensive assessment of each person’s needs, which includes developing a thorough understanding of their problem or concerns, and which may also include an assessment of their personality or learning style.  With this information, we provide referrals to members of our referral network, made up of Chicago area therapists and counselors who have expertise in therapeutic models that are most effective in meeting the client’s needs, and whose helping styles match the client’s personality.

Providers in Compatible Counseling Solutions’ preferred network are licensed counselors, psychologists marriage and family therapists, and social workers who serve individuals, couples and families in the Chicago area.  Network members have expertise in a variety of therapeutic methods, models, and problem areas.  What they all have in common is a commitment to basic principals of service, which include:

  • A collaborative approach in which the client and provider determine a clear course of treatment based on mutually shared goals and objectives.
  • A commitment to assisting clients to achieve goals through ongoing mutual evaluation of the effectiveness of services.
  • Individualization of services to meet varied needs.
  • A primary focus that is based on present circumstances, in which discussion of family history and patterns are used in the service of resolving problems in the present.
  • A flexible approach that allows clients to be seen at a frequency that meets their current need (services may be spread further apart, for example, when the client is functioning more independently).

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Compatible Counseling Solutions is committed to becoming the go-to place for clients looking for quality Chicago Chicago counseling and therapy services.

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