Solution focused therapy is a brief model that is concentrates on helping the client resolve immediate problems.  The model relies on utilization of the client’s strengths to facilitate change by determining the strategies they use that are successful in other situations, and then helping them to use those same strategies to resolve the problem.  The model helps the client to define and envision a hoped-for future and then develop a plan for achieving the vision.  Solution focused therapists help the client to anticipate obstacles and plan for their resolution before they occur.  In many cases a problem has become patterned for the client, and the therapist helps them to envision what benefits they derive from the problem that will be lost when the problem is resolved.  In this way the client can anticipate these losses and determine alternative, healthier ways of achieving the same benefits.

When to Use Solution Focused Therapy: Solution focused therapies are widely used with a variety of concerns.  Solution focused methods are often the first methods used, as they are empowering and often lead to rapid change in just a few sessions.  Solution focused interventions are often used along with family systems therapy or cognitive-behavioral therapy. When a problem is entrenched and is not improving with the use of solution focused interventions it is sometimes necessary to look more at historical factors and how they help to maintain the problem.